Your garage door improves your home's curb appeal and should be as attractive as possible. Installing a sturdy and aesthetically appealing door is one way to create a beautiful garage space. Thus, you should understand the different garage door options available and choose one that complements your home's exterior décor. Ask a garage door installation expert to help you choose the best garage door for your home. Depending on your preferences, the expert will guide you to pick the most appropriate door. 

Here are some garage door options you can consider. 

Sectional Garage Doors 

Sectional garage doors are popular and comprise panel sections joined together with hinges. The doors have roller wheels on each panel that roll on a vertical track every time you open or close the door. 

These doors are great if you have a small garage because they slide up parallel to the ceiling when open. When you close the door, it'll align with the garage doors. The hinges on the door curve to allow flexibility as the door opens and closes. 

Sectional doors also have high-tension springs over the opening. The springs come attached to cables which keep the door from shutting when you open it partially.

The main advantages of sectioned garage doors include:

  • Durable steel
  • Low maintenance
  • Customizable

If you decide to install a sectional garage door, hire an experienced garage door installation expert to do the job. Remember to ask the expert for maintenance and troubleshooting tips for your door. 

Slide Doors 

You can also get a sliding door for your garage, which works more like the sectional garage door, but slides sideways instead of up and down. The door will bend to one side of the garage and is a good option if you have little headroom in your garage. 

The side sliding doors have low flexible trolleys, which run smoothly even on slight slopes on the ceiling or floor. The doors have built-in retractable motors for automatic operation and don't need a ceiling-mounted operator. 

Side Hinged Doors 

You can install the side-hinged garage doors if you prefer a more traditional look for your garage door. These doors open like large barn doors, and you can customize them with paint and design, depending on your preference. 

Side-hinged doors are mainly wooden, but you can buy a galvanized steel door. Steel doors are stronger and more durable than wooden doors. The only downside to steel side-hinged doors is that they are more expensive than wooden doors. You can buy your doors with a pre-installed steel frame or ask a garage door installation expert to customize the door to fit the existing door opening. 

Side-hinged doors are a great alternative if you have obstructions in the garage or limited headroom.  

Reach out to a local company, such as Town & Country Door LLC, to learn more.