Have loud noises from the garage door become a nuisance? Garage door noise can be a real annoyance, and it's not just because it disturbs your peace and quiet. It can also be a sign that there's something wrong with your garage door system. Poor lubrication is often the main suspect, but it could also be a more serious fault like worn bearings. Here are explanations for a noisy door and how a garage door repair service can fix it:

1. Your Garage Door Needs Lubrication

Many people don't lubricate their garage doors often enough, and this causes the door to become noisy. The hinges, rollers, and tracks all need to be lubricated on a regular basis to prevent them from becoming dry and squeaky. You can ask a garage door repair service to apply heavy-duty lubrication if your door sees many open and close cycles.

2. The Bearings Are Worn

If your garage door is making grinding noises, then it's likely that the bearings are starting to wear out. This is a more serious problem that will require the replacement of the affected parts. A garage door repair service can replace the bearings for you and restore smooth operation to your door.

3. The Tracks Are Dirty or Damaged

If the tracks are dirty or damaged, they can cause the door to make a lot of noise. The dirt and debris can get caught in the moving parts, and the uneven surfaces can throw the door off balance. A garage door repair service can clean and align the tracks to fix the noise.

4. The Springs Are Tensioned Incorrectly

The springs on a garage door are responsible for tensioning the door and keeping it in place. If they become loose or worn, they will make shrieking noises. A loud popping sound is a more ominous sign because it comes from a snapping spring. A garage door repair service can tighten the springs and restore proper function to the door.

5. The Hinges Are Rusty

Corrosion and rusting will cause the hinges to make noise as they move. This is usually caused by dampness and humidity. It also makes the door harder to move, which leads to wear and tear of other components, including bearings. Call a garage repair service to clean and lubricate the hinges for quieter operation.

Besides the nuisance, a noisy garage door also signals a need for urgent attention to prevent a total door malfunction; you need to move with speed to fix it.

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