Many different things can happen and make your garage door act on its own, like faulty garage door openers. Garage door openers manufactured after 1993 have two safety mechanisms in place. One device is mechanical, and the other is photoelectric. You can experience feedback from other frequencies, which can result in garages opening on their own. If your garage appears to have a mind of its own, it is normal to be frustrated and want to know more about what is going on.

Loose Wires Need Repair

Check the batteries in the garage door opener to be sure they are still good. If the remote is old, the buttons could be sticking. If the buttons and the batteries appear to be fine, you might just have a loose wire in the remote control unit or the wall panel. A short anywhere in the wiring could cause the door to open and close on its own. If you suspect a short or a loose wire, you will want to have a professional check it out.

Radio Interference Can Interrupt the Signal

Police radios, CB radios, or a local radio station could interfere with your door opener's frequency. It could also be a neighbor who has the same code in his/her garage door opener. If you change your code, and the problem goes away, you have your answer. Older door openers have over 14,000 possible codes for each unit sold. Newer models have a rolling code which makes opening by the wrong remote almost impossible.

The Light System is Out of Alignment

The photoelectric reversal system can be out of alignment. The light beam can become severed and the door receives a signal of something blocking the descent of the door. The interruption causes the door to open automatically. You will see the indicator light on the wall panel close to the entrance of the garage blinking if this is the problem. This problem is caused because the mechanical and photoelectric systems were not working in tandem. After the lights are realigned, the door should stay closed.

Power Surges Trigger the Transmitter

The phantom operation, as it is called by some garage door manufacturers, can be caused by power surges. With the surge, the transmitter could receive some damages. If it is stormy, lightning could play a factor in the opening.

These are just a few of the explanations to explain why your garage door opens on its own. You can attempt to troubleshoot the problems with these suggestions, but you may need to turn to a team of professionals, such as those at AAA Garage Door, Inc., for a more detailed diagnosis.