Business owners who are searching for commercial garage doors are faced with many options to choose from. The style that they end up choosing is based on the size of the building, budget, and personal preference. This is a guide showing some of the types of commercial garage doors that are available on the market.


Rolling garage doors are one of the most common types of garage doors used for commercial buildings. They are typically made out of steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. The doors are designed in a way that allows them to roll up and out of the way to allow entrance into the area. They are popular with businesses that do not have enough room for other types of doors, like sectionals.


Sectional garage doors are often found on large buildings but can be built for any property. They are ideal for agricultural, industrial, or commercial buildings and make excellent choices for loading docks. Due to the way they are constructed, the sectional doors offer thermal protection and are very durable against the elements. Like the rolling doors, sectional garage doors are usually made out of steel or aluminum.

High Speed

High speed garage doors are built to combat the elements. The high quality seal around the door keeps out wind, rain, snow, or other things that may contaminate the area. With the tight seal around the door, the company may even experience a difference in energy bills, which is always a nice benefit for any business. The high speed doors are available in many options, such as push pull or gravity operated.


Agricultural garage doors are usually much larger than standard commercial doors. This is because they are made to fit large machinery inside, like combines or tractors. You can even order the doors in a specific height and width to get the best fit for your needs. The agricultural doors also offer thermal protection, just like the sectionals. This is beneficial if you have a large agricultural building that may be drafty otherwise with so much open space.


Once you have chosen the commercial garage door of your choice, you can search around for the best deal in your area. Most companies will offer a warranty for the garage door, which is a good choice to protect your company doors against damage caused by accidents, normal wear and tear, or even the weather. For more information about your options, contact a local garage door company like Lipe Brothers Garage Doors