Security is most likely your top concern when installing a garage door. However, insulation should also be a consideration. A properly insulated garage door can help to keep outside air out of the garage and prevent it from flowing into your home. Before having your door installed, here is what you should know about insulating it.

What Types of Insulation Are There?

There are three main types of insulation available for garage doors. Foam board installation offers high energy efficiency without being thick and bulky. To add to the efficiency of the insulation, you can opt for panels that feature the foam board and a vinyl or aluminum face. 

Batt insulation is usually found in the walls of your home. It can be used for the garage door though. It features fiberglass and a paper or foil backing. It is does not offer the same level of efficiency as the foam board, but it is one of the least expensive options. 

Reflective insulation is one of the most energy efficient options available. It has a aluminum foil face that works to reflect radiant heat. If you live in a particularly hot climate, the insulation can help keep the temperature down in your garage.  

Which Insulation Should You Use?

Some types of insulation work better with certain doors. For instance, Batt insulation works best with steel garage doors due to the flexible nature of the insulation. It can be easily manipulated to fit the door. 

If you have a garage door that is flat, reflective or foam insulation is idea. The insulation will fit flush against the back of the door and provide the most comprehensive coverage. 

Can You Install the Insulation?

You can opt to have your garage door installer affix the insulation or do it yourself. There are insulation kits available to purchase at home improvement stores. The insulation kit contains the insulation that is needed and the fasteners to affix it to your door. 

If you do install the insulation yourself, it is important to remember that regardless of the type you choose, it does add weight to the door. The additional weight of the insulation could have a bearing on how well the door functions.

To avoid any problems with the installation of the insulation, consider working with a professional installer (such as one from Mid-South Door Co). He or she can make the adjustments that need to be made to ensure that it is properly installed and not impacting your door's function.