Your garage should be an asset to your home, but sometimes it doesn't blend with your property as easily as you'd like. Your garage doors may be sticking out like a sore thumb, preventing the rest of your structure from matching your home's style. You can easily remedy this with a little paint. Here are ways you can add curbside appeal to your garage doors with color.

Match your house

You can either paint your garage doors exactly the same color as your home or choose a complementary hue in a shade or two lighter than your house is. Don't paint the doors and the surrounding garage to avoid making your garage look too large and bulky in comparison to your home. Painting your garage doors helps them blend well with your home, especially if they are basic or older doors that don't have any special flair of their own.

Pick an accent color

If you have ornate garage doors or an exceptionally large garage with 2 or more doors, you may want to go with an accent color to give this space added curb appeal. A wise choice is to choose a hue that is the same color as your home's front door or accent trim. This way, your house can still keep its own allure with a unique splash of color, and your garage doors simply call attention to your house by copying the hue.

If you don't want to go with the same color as your front door or trim, then paint your garage doors in a neutral tone that matches both your home and its accent colors. Safe bets are tan, gray, ocean blue, or even brown.

Know when to paint white

You may think painting your garage doors white will add appeal to your home, but the color can appear almost garish and draw the eye right away. Unless your house or trim is white, try to avoid painting your garage doors this blank color. If you simply like white, opt for eggshell or an off-white color instead. It gives your garage doors a clean, updated look without stealing curb appeal away from your home.

Your garage doors can add curb appeal to your house when you give them a little bit of paint. The right color is determined by the hue of your home, and if you choose complementary colors you can enjoy your garage as a lovely addition to your home.