If you have an automatic garage door, you probably enjoy the ease and convenience. However, this type of door can also be a safety hazard. Here are some important tips for proper garage door safety to keep in mind.

Do: Inspect the garage door regularly

About once a month, inspect your garage door and mechanisms. Look for any signs of wear or damage, as this could prevent a hazardous situation. Look closely at all the springs, making sure they are still secured to the door. Also check the garage door rollers, cables, and pulleys. If any of these parts show wear, call a garage door technician. These types of parts are dangerous to replace or repair on your own, especially garage door springs.

Do: Learn how to use the emergency release feature

Your door should have an emergency release feature which comes in handy in many different situations. For example, if the power goes out, you may need to open or close the garage door. There is a pull cord that allows you to release the garage door and either open or close it. This is especially important if the door was open when the power went out, as your garage will not be secure from criminals.

The emergency release feature can also help to open the door if a child accidentally gets stuck underneath it. Most doors will stop when there is an obstruction in the way, but this added security feature is useful. Make sure you know how to use it so that you can get that door open in an emergency.

Don't: Leave the garage door open

Make a habit of closing the garage door immediately after using it. Make sure you close the door and keep it closed fully; don't leave it partially open. You may like having the garage door left partially open, but this puts you at risk of having the door fall the rest of the way with an obstruction in its path. Having it only a foot or so open also puts you at risk of someone getting access into your garage, which could also give them access into your home. A good way to reduce how often the door is open is by using your front door as entry into your home, instead of getting into the habit of going through the garage.

Don't: Keep the manufacturer's access code

If you have an automatic garage door opener that has a remote with an access code, do not keep the manufacturer's standard code. Anyone that has this same garage door technology also knows the basic code that comes with the garage. That could be a potential home security risk. Always change this code when installing the garage door and change it on a regular basis. Change it if someone in your house losing their garage door remote or if you had a roommate that recently moved out.

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