There are countless advantages to putting your doggy door in your garage or even in your overhead door, but before you decide where to install this tiny little pooch portal, there are a few issues you should consider. If you want to protect your dog, your home and your sense of style, answer these questions before buying your doggy door:

1. Is your dog's height shorter than the first panel of the garage door?

If you are installing a pet door in an overhead garage door, keep in mind those doors typically fold as they move up and down. In most cases, dog doors have rigid frames – as a result, they cannot extend through two panels of the garage door, or they will be prevent the door from folding and moving upward.

If you want your dog door in your overhead garage door, your dog needs to be shorter than the first section or panel of the door. If your dog is taller than that, put the dog door in a wall rather than the garage door.

Do not have your dog squeeze through a door that is really too short for him or her. Constantly having to crouch through a too-small doorway can give your dog spine or hip injuries.

2. Is the dog door going to make your garage vulnerable?

If you have a small dog door in your overhead garage door, it doesn't make your garage vulnerable because only your dog (or a small creature) can pass through that door. However, if you have an extremely large dog, a thief may be able to enter your garage through your dog's opening, and that can make your garage vulnerable.

You have two options for dealing with this vulnerability – you can empty everything valuable form your garage and put a secure lock on the door leading into your home, or you can install an automatic pet door that can only be opened by a sensor on your dog's collar.

3. Do you want a coordinated look?

If you opt for a doggy door in the wall instead of in your overhead door and you decide you want an automatic door, you can create a fully coordinated look. Imagine how adorable it will be if your dog's little self-opening door matches your overhead garage door.

Both doors can be in the same color and of the same style. However, you will use the big door when you arrive home every day with your automatic opener, and your dog will use the little one with an automatic opener attached to his collar. (For more information on garage doors, you can contact Shank Door)