Choosing a new garage door to replace your old one depends on a lot more than just appearance. A good set of doors will match your house's aesthetic, but also help insulate your home, last a long time in your area's climate, and fit within your budget. You may also want to take into consideration what style of door you install depending on whether you also want to use a garage door opener or not.

Choose Your Material

The material your garage door is made of is one of the most important factors in your decision, because different materials fare differently in various climates. Once you know what will work in the area you live, then you can focus on price.

You'll generally be able to choose between aluminum, steel, wood and composite wood. There are variations to each depending on the quality and whether it's insulated or not; for example, wood is typically an expensive option unless you opt for a single-sheet, low-grade and uninsulated wooden door.

If you live in a humid environment, you would probably want to choose something like aluminum or composite wood because they are resistant to warping and rust. Wooden doors are sturdy, and are good for use in dry environments where your doors don't directly face the sun, and steel doors are a good choice for very cold or hot environments because they tend to offer the biggest selection of insulation options.

Choose Insulation

Insulation isn't something you need to spend extra money on, but it can be very helpful depending on what type of garage and house you have. If your garage is part of your house, insulation can help keep your garage at a more stable temperature. Even if your garage isn't heated or cooled, it can affect your home's temperature; an insulated garage can help keep energy bills down. This also comes in handy if you have a two-story house and you have rooms above the garage.

Installation Costs

When you buy a new garage door that you want installed, you're paying for more than just the door. You'll need to factor in the new tracks and springs for the type of door you've chosen, as well as a garage door opener, which is a separate charge.

Whether you plan on buying optional services like a garage door opener or not, you should count on installing new tracks and springs. Trying to use the old tracks and springs from your previous installation is a safety hazard, so it's best to make sure everything is newly installed with your new doors.