When you build a home, it can be easy to focus on exterior details like siding color or landscaping and forget all about your garage door. However, since garage doors make up a decent portion of the exterior façade of your home, it is important to think about their design too. Here are two great add-ons that might make your garage door pop, so that your home looks incredible.

1: Metal Straps

After designing a home that looks like it came straight out of the old west, it might look a little silly to have a perfectly flat, white garage door. However, you might be able to break up those panels and make your door look a little more interesting by adding metal straps. These straps are designed to look like the metal pieces that used to hold together chests and large wooden frames in the old days, so that your home's aesthetic looks a little more cohesive. Believe it or not, these decorative metal pieces can be screwed directly to your garage door, making installation a snap.

When you talk with your contractor about installing them, keep in mind that putting them in the right place the first time is essential. Consider creating a stenciled pattern out of black construction paper, and taping them to the door before you start the installation process. It might seem silly, but by doing your research ahead of time, you can create a beautiful look without causing collateral damage.

2: Windows

Have you ever noticed that since your house is covered with windows, it looks a little strange if your garage door is completely solid? Another great way to make your garage door more interesting is by asking for panels with integrated windows. Believe it or not, there are garage door windows that can match nearly every style of traditional home windows, so that your garage door can blend right in. For example, if you have square windows with square panes, you can find garage door windows that mirror the look perfectly.

Keep in mind that garage door windows are much more difficult to install than strap hinges. Your general contractor might have to disassemble your garage door to remove panels and install new versions complete with windows. However, after the process is complete, your garage door will look incredible, and natural light will flow into the space during the day.

By adding a few details to your garage door, you might be able to give your home an extra dose of visual interest to improve your curb appeal. For assistance, talk to a professional like Quality Door Service.