If your business frequently brings in new inventory, you likely have an unloading area where trucks can come in to unload the boxes filled with new merchandise. But if you don't have a commercial garage door that can allow a vehicle to back up right into your business, you likely have to spend extra time unloading the truck outside and then bringing merchandise in through a different area or side door. If you want to streamline your inventory process, it might be time to get a commercial garage door installed in your building. Commercial garage doors often have unique features that make it easy for business owners to get the job done while also providing top notch security and safety. Here are 3 types of commercial garage doors that might work for you.

Aluminum Glass 

An aluminum glass garage door can provide additional benefits besides just providing better access to your building. It's probably the most aesthetically pleasing commercial garage door you can install if you are concerned with the overall look of your business in addition to wanting extra functionality. The glass door could also allow you to use natural sunlight in order to illuminate a section of your warehouse, potentially cutting your energy costs. This also tends to be one of the more lower maintenance doors, as you can simply clean it with any regular glass cleaner.

Fire-Rated Rolling Door

If you are concerned about protecting your business in the event of a fire or another major event, a rolling door with fire protection might be a good solution. Some of these doors are built with special sensors that can automatically activate the door if something goes wrong. For example, if a fire breaks out nearby, this door will hopefully protect the inventory that you have inside by not allowing the flames to get through. The thick steel used for these doors is also a great deterrent for theft. 

Commercial Sectional Doors

If your warehouse is organized into different sections, getting multiple sectional doors installed could be the way to go. Having each door open up into a different section of the warehouse will help increase your efficiency and productivity. It can also help with your climate control and energy costs. You can open up just one door if needed and keep the rest of the warehouse locked down. These doors can also be built with thermal protection in mind.

If you are looking to spruce up your business and/or warehouse, consider getting a commercial garage door installed. An aluminum glass door can provide a great aesthetic look while still adding functionality, a fireproof rolling door can provide extra safety and security for your business and your employees, and sectional doors can help you multitask and keep your operation as efficient as possible.